Xi Beta

         On November 21st 1987 Xi Beta was formed. Currently the Xi Beta Chapter has 26 active members and 180 alumni with majors across the engineering program from Mechanical Engineering to Bio Medical Engineering and everything in between. The Xi Beta Chapter follows the 3 pillars that Theta Tau was formed on Professionalism, Service, and Brotherhood.

Colony History

           The Theta Tau Colony at Lawrence Institute of Technology was originally founded in late September 1986 as the Lambda Tau local fraternity, with the sole purpose of becoming a chapter of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity. An instrumental figure in the establishment and organization of the local fraternity was Jerome Palardy (Epsilon Beta Chapter) who guided Lambda Tau through rough times. The group originally consisted of 22 charter members who compiled a petition for colonization to the Theta Tau Fraternity.This petition was accepted, and the Theta Tau Colony was installed on February 8, 1987. Shortly after the charter members were organized, another seven students were accepted for membership. On May 1, 1987, the first pledge class completed their ten-week pledge period and have been initiated into the Theta Tau Colony, bringing the total membership to thirty-six. The Colony at Lawrence Institute of Technology has also been accepted into the student government and the Inter-Fraternal Council.